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Friday, November 04, 2011

this is when staying in melbourne IS SO MUCH BETTER!.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

school has made me not want to use facebook anymore. there sld be a seperate networking site dedicating to school. omg then life would be awesome. and i;m ranting here because i can't rant on FB cos EVERYbody in school will see it and yeah. oh well. the minute i am FINISHED with this course, out goes all the dumb contacts.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

part of me is missing it, part of me is saying MOVE ON.

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Sunday, February 06, 2011

okay... one post after quite an happy emo day.

Leaving is going to be tough. but yeah i think i'm up to it. i have to tell myself so. It ain't as bad as it seems. I know Mr Jesus will guide me there.

I guess it really striked me when Baby Daniel cried. i thought he was crying cos he was having a whiny day... but nah... he cried cos he's an affectionate boy (according to melissa)... initially i was kinda like oh shit he is crying... but when i found out why, i couldn't help but cry too.. it's like he's 2.5yrs old and he understands all these emo stuff?! WTH! but yeah... seeing him cry made my heart ache. really ache.

I knew i'll be leaving since who knows how long ago... and every sunday worship would always end up in tears... but tt only happened during sundays. but now i think it's really sinking in... come on, it's only 4 days left.

but yeah i can't bear to leave? In a way i was looking forward to running away.. away from everything here.. glad that i had a door open. like perfect opportunity. but now... it's starting to turn the other way round. Especially after musical. like all the friendships that were lost have been built again and now it's time to leave it again. even the relationships with the adults. it sucks.

but i know all i need is to hear from you.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh man. i Miss my little kiddos. My Sunday School Kids. Miss the little once. so innocent so nice to talk to so huggable so nice just to see.

A fellow Sunday School teacher just said "I always remember you as Rachel's baby sister when I was teaching her in Pri 2 and now you are a young lady ..wow! Time flies and you are teaching my son."...

like omg!!!! that means that was when i was 5!!!!! that's around her son's age. but yes her son is mischevious but oh man so cute! love looking at him trying to memorise his memory verse to get a goodie! and you just need to push him step by step and he'll do it! maybe he'll whine a little but he will eventually make it and you'll see the smile on his face. the "AH HAH! I DID IT!.... now do i get a sweet?"

hehe and Caitlyn!!! one day i saw her about to cry and i thought it was because she cldn;t find mummy so QUICKLY run to her CALL HER NAME and... suddenly all seemed okay. OMG. and nico jie said "didn;t know she knew you so well" smth like that la! the funniest thing is I ALSO DIDN"T KNOW!!! and according to her dad, uncle ian, she was looking for ME!like omg amazing. hehe and yes of course i chatted with her! :)
so nice. happy little sunday school teacher. tt's what i am :)

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

you can say today was the worst day.
not that anything went bad/wrong...

it's just the feeling, allowing my emotions get the better of me.

but TGIF tomorrow.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Mr Jesus. please teach and guide me.

sometimes you really don't know what to do. but I'm sure God will lead.

oh well.

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